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Have you seen this video yet? As part of a human experiment, Joshua Bell, a world renowned violinist, plays in the D.C. subway station during rush hour. As the Washington Post reported nary a person turned their head, much less stopped to listen. Granted, I never would have recognized him, but I do so hope I would have slowed at the sound of musical genius.

Miracles are missed every day because we are not tuned in. Never mind smartphone zombie syndrome (guilty!), let’s talk about the innocent distraction of thinking. I am often so distracted listening to the voice in my head…the one reviewing to-do lists or brainstorming…I barely remember how I drove from point A to B.

Today, I woke up with a mind full of distracting thoughts and worries, so I decided I needed to get out. I decided I was going to smile at every person I made eye contact with. This kept me conscious and tuned into people. I got plenty of shocked and/or weird looks but many more genuine smiles and great energy transfers in return. Divine Discovery #1 for today ~ consciously connecting with people keeps you present and open for greater discovery.

Divine Discovery #2? Eight absolutely charming retail spots in downtown Spokane. The kind of shops I crave. Kitschy,  lovely boutiques like those I used to frequent when living in Scottsdale, AZ. I tell people all the time I am a retailer at heart ~ my career started in retail, and I miss it. But because I haven’t had a budget for shopping in recent years, I rarely go. My retailer’s heart busted wide open today visiting with shop owners and browsing their stores.

Retail is part of Find Your Divine’s future. Of that, I have always been sure. But today’s field study was an accident. I think it happened because I was tuned into my surroundings, and my Divine knew I needed a boost of feel good. While running an unrelated errand I spotted a curious shop sign and stopped. And visited. And gathered info. And went to the next shop. Repeat. It was a mini-miracle of inspiration.

Smile and exhale.

I will be making a conscious effort  every day to tune out of my head, get out of my normal surroundings and tune in to the world around me. Join the fun.

If you are in Spokane and haven’t visited these lovely stores, stop and shop!

Thank you to *Artemis*Tangerine*Amby Designs*Fringe and Fray*Luxe*Two Women Vintage Goods*Carousel*Pink Salvage Gallery* I think you are Divine.

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